Hot Compress Photos


Hot Compress therapy is extremely effective.  Many different ailments can be eliminated or greatly reduced with some simple heat.  These are simple examples of a few reusable hot compresses.
For neck pain and shoulder pain, this compress is designed to curve around the upper shoulders, but can also be wrapped around the arms, legs and feet for additional uses.


The lower back pain compress is designed to cover a smaller portion of skin, but with a convenient velcro strap that helps maintain its position on the body.  The strap can be cut to size to fit most.


Hand warmers can be used for many different therapies because of their small size and shape. This 3×5 card-size compress is perfect for use over the eyes, ears, temples, or any area requiring a more delicate approach.  Other large heating pads may be too heavy or distribute too much heat to give the user a pleasant experience.