How To Make A Warm Compress

How To Make A Warm Compress is an extremely popular search term for a simple reason, people want something quick and easy, and cheap, too!

While a warm compress is nothing more than a heat source and a damp towel, you can buy disposable heating packs that act like a compress.  There are major drawbacks to using a disposable item like that.  The first being money.  Why would you pay for something that is so readily available for next to nothing, and then have to throw it away after one use?  For most, it’s a matter of convenience, considering that when you need a compress, you may not be near a heat source like a microwave, stove top, or 120 V electrical outlet.  You also may not be next to a water source – however, getting water at a moments notice is much easier than generating heat.  And finally, water is a terrible element for storing heat, it disperses the stored heat very quickly, which means multiple trips to the sink to reheat your water.

Disposable heat packs have there advantages, it’s a use on demand type product, that anyone at anytime can activate and get some heat from.  The main drawback is they cannot be used more than once, you’re adding to the landfill problem, and you are wasting money when there is a better option out there.

You can make a homemade hot compress by simply dipping a towel under some hot water and apply the towel to the desired area.  You can also fit a small hand towel inside a zip lock type bag, which will eliminate any of the moisture (if you simply want heat).  This method is quick, simple and very inexpensive (but you need to be by a hot water source).

The best alternative way to make a warm compress is to use a sodium acetate liquid filled portable reusable heating pack, like Snappy Heat (that was a mouthful).  These convenience portable heat packs work instantly, simply snap the small metal disc inside the pack and you get instant heat that can reach up to 130 degrees and last for 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how you use it).

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Warm Compress Instant Heat Packs Can Reach Up To 130 Degrees In Just Seconds And Are Reusable

Simply wrap a moist towel around a Snappy Heat and you have a very efficient compress, one that will last upwards of 30 to 40 minutes without having to warm the towel up again with more hot water.


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